Wednesday, 28 April 2010

We are finally back from our holiday just six days late. This volcano has affected many people who were away from home when the cloud came over. We did however have a wonderful time.

I still have a lump from my first mistletoe injection in February and am due to see the Doctor on Friday.

The race for life is coming up soon and I would like to thank the many good people who have sponsored the team and me again this year. We are hoping to reach our last years team target but this looks a bit doubtful as everyone is still feeling the pinch; but this won't stop us giving our all in the race which I am really looking forward to.

The Heart of Kent hospice, where Rob and I volunteer, is holding a May 2nd bluebell walk, it is about 8 miles and through wonderful scenery. This raises lots of money for the hospice and all walkers get a brilliant ploughman's lunch at the end. Rob and I will be there helping out.If you fancy the walk and helping the hospice here is the links

The watercolour this time is one I did recently of my daughter Emily's two kittens, they are so cute.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter Greetings 2010

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

Amazingly I still have a lump from the mistletoe injection and Dr. McGavin says I do not need to inject a 2nd one until after my holiday later this month. Whew!

It was really good to meet up with Carol and John after over thirty years and we had a wonderful day and we plan to meet up with them again. It was lovely reminiscing.

There have been lots of problems for friends lately with two being in Hospital, one a meso friend who is now out and recovering, and one who is in great pain and the hospital doesn't seem to know what is wrong, even after scans. Also thinking a lot about a friend who is grieving for her beloved husband who died recently with mesothelioma, she is being so brave but finding it very hard. This horrible cancer affects more than just the patient.

Still not sleeping well. The Doctor says I can double up the sleeping pills, but they knock me out for the next day and I STILL wake up in the night several times. So I might as well not take them, as I hate taking pills all the time anyway.

The Cancer Research Race for Life sponsorship is coming on very well and I have now got a great team of seven of us. They are Emily White, Georgie McKenzie, Amy Commander-White, Abi Close, Anne Loftus, Dawn Aloof and myself. The last two have yet to sign up but have promised to race. We are aiming to match or beat our last year's amount raised of £4300.00 including gift aid.

My painting this time is of a kitten I thought was cute. I am new to animal painting and was quite pleased with this effort