Sunday, 16 May 2010

Race for Life 2010

Well, it didn't rain this time and what an amazing atmosphere at the Cancer Research Race for Life. It was the first race this year in Kent and there were about 4,000 runners again, plus several dogs and children.

We took about one hour fifteen minutes to complete the course, which was more difficult, this year. There seemed to be more uphill stretches than last year, which made me struggle somewhat, but we all finished the race, arms linked, in a line.

We saw two people being helped over the finishing line propped up by volunteer St. John's Ambulance men.

Our team have so far raised about £3,500.00, I am so proud of them.

I have started again on the mistletoe injections, but 100 times weaker than the first one. It is going OK so far, and is quite bearable. The idea is to boost my immune system into top gear so it fights any stray Mesothelioma cancer cells. Watch this space....

Today's picture has to be the great team at the race. Thank you to Emily, Abi, Dawn, Anne, Amy and Georgie and Mabel, Chris and Amy's dog, specially was dressed for the occasion. Well done!!!!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Good news after check-up in Germany

With trepidation we went to Germany on the 5th May for scans and a consultation with the Prof. on the 6th. The news however was good and he actually said my disease was stable, but not to forget it is still a terrorist. We were so pleased that I sent phone texts to our family straight away. The Prof. doesn't want to see me now until early August, so this gives me a quarter of a year more to enjoy before we go through it again.

It has now been two years since I was first diagnosed with mesothelioma and I feel really good and am told I look healthy too.

Before our trip to Germany we had a holiday which was extended by an extra six days because of the volcanic cloud. We didn't mind too much as we were in a very nice hotel and enjoying the hot weather.

The race for life is one week away and I have raised £1300.00 so far, just £105.00 short of my personal total last year. Gift aid gets added onto this figure too. We have a good team again and they are also avidly fund raising too. I just hope the rain lets off unlike last year. If the weather is clement enough we will have a picnic in the park for our efforts.

The painting this time is of an old knarled tree I did this month. I am quite getting into this painting lark.