Friday, 29 October 2010

St. Bart's Scan Results

I have just had my head/thorax/abdomen scan result from St. Bart's. Comparing it to 14 months ago when I had my last CT scan in the UK, it seems the Mesothelioma has spread all around my right lung, as I would expect, and has 'probably' infiltrated my heart pleura, they think. The meso is all contained still in my right chest cavity though and is not spreading outside of it. There seems 'possibly' to be some sort of 'parenchymal involvement' in my left lung, not pleura. I am not too sure what this means except it would suggest some sort of lesion, but it must be quite small if they say a 'possibility', I guess.

My other organs are not affected and my head is ok. They found my brain, hiding behind my left eyeball.

All in all as expected and it could have been a lot worse.

We are off to Germany for my 8th overall treatment and I must say I am VERY nervous about it as it was so painful last time.

St Bart's is doing a stage 3 trial possibly starting in November, but most likely in the New Year. They wouldn't give me the details but I have expressed an interest if I am suitable for it.

St. Bart's did offer me the IPM chemo (Irinotecan, Mitomycin and Cisplatin) once my tumours get much bigger, but said they would do it sooner if I wanted them too. It is tempting as they report 30% - 40% of patients get shrinkage of their tumours with it.

The work the Prof. does only works on a bit at a time and even he said I would benefit by full chemo. Hmm. things to think about.

Emily got through her regional final and is now in the area final for Open Mic. This stage is held in Portsmouth on Saturday the 27th November. We hope people can go as the audience reaction and votes count for a lot. If Emily gets through again the National final will be held at the O2 in January.

My picture this week is a photo of my gorgeous three year old Grandson Joseph and me, taken a week ago.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Just back from Frankfurt and the treatment this time was quite painful. As the Prof. goes into the same site each time it gets more painful. He says he'll go in from my left side next. I do wonder how long I can go on with this though.

Again I got the shakes and had to have oxygen for an hour as my breathing can get difficult immediately after the treatment. I have not yet had any reduction in my meso but he says it is sleeping where he has treated this time. He wants to treat me again next month then I can have a rest. Presumably he is therefore saying I will need to continue to have more.

I did hear some good news today though, Cher Bright, another patient, has got some reduction in her meso and is stable. The Prof. wants to do one more treatment on her. Several of us Brits have gone over to Germany this week and I send them all the luck in the world for a good outcome..

Last weekend was the Patient and Carers Mesothelioma Conference in London. It was so good to meet up with the people who have been encouraging and putting faces to names. It makes it all seem so much more real.

There seemed to be nothing new happening on the horizon for this awful disease. I am hoping for a breakthrough before it is too late for my fellow sufferers and me.

My photo is of a group of us at the conference in our Cher Bright Meso t-shirts.