Saturday, 30 July 2011

Just a short note.

Well, sod it, I am not giving up! I have been in contact with Professor Vogl who says he is willing to try and help, so we are going to Germany on the 4th August for a CT scan and treatment on the 5th. I have absolutely nothing to lose by trying this except money. I will still hopefully have the option of the chemo with one digit chance of success if it doesn’t work. I would even prefer to be on dialysis and still alive, providing I have some quality of life.

Thank you all so much for all your kind messages, they do help a lot.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Well, the time has come. My Oncologist says that I am in a dangerous phase, a euphemism for ‘final stage’. He says I have just 4 – 8 months to live and that he doesn’t recommend me going onto chemo as he thinks I am so weak that the side effects will outweigh the benefits, if any. He says the chance of chemo working is just one digit. He says there is the Adams trial so I will find out more about it. He has given me steroids to make me stronger and will see me in a week and will talk about chemo then. This has been a big shock to us as my last appointment said I was pretty stable, now he says it is growing aggressively and has penetrated my abdomen too.
Not much else to say other than I am allergic to quinine and have a horrendously itchy allergy rash, which I could do without at the moment.

I am sorry for the bad news, but although we knew it was just a matter of time, it still comes as a shock.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Race for life 2011

Today I completed the Cancer Research Race for life. I was in a team of eleven lovely ladies and one dog, Mabel, we have so far raised two thousand pounds and still counting. If you were considering sponsoring us here is the link

I walked about three quarters of the race but had to resort to the wheelchair for three hilly bits, where my daughter Emily, Georgie, Anne and Amy took turns in pushing. We finished in about an hour and a quarter and all crossed the finish in a solid line, arms linked, to cheers and claps from the wonderful spectators.

I was dreading this race as the date got nearer as my breathing has deteriorated somewhat in the last few weeks, so it was a great relief to be able to finish; and we were NOT last over the line.

We had a good holiday in Devon last week and were able to meet up with the wonderful Debbie Brewer, who came up by train all the way from Plymouth. It was so lovely to meet up and chat, plus Debbie took lots of photos. We all went to lunch in the famed River Cottage food canteen. It was very rustic, boarding on scruffy, and the food was just OK. All the hype about it on TV lead us to expect great things, and we had to queue to eat there!

I have had my CT scan moved forward to next week, due to decreased breathing problems, and I will see my Oncologist two weeks later. I hope the cancer has not got suddenly hyperactive.

Today’s picture is of the whole ‘Perfect Friends’ race for life team, taken today, just before we crossed the finish line. Thank you ladies for entering the race with me, and for supporting me all the way around the course.
(Picture courtesy of Chris White)