Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Worse ever side effects.

There is no doubt that the treatments the Professor has done have had a positive effect on my tumours. He has stopped them growing bigger and this is an amazing achievement. However, I have been so ill for two weeks after the last treatment that I must have a break. The side effects are cumulative and pretty much unbearable after the five treatments in a row. I have had nine in all.

I have cancelled my January appointment with the Prof. and told him that I will undoubtedly be back at some time for further treatment and he accepts my decision. I thank him for keeping me going all this time.

My current option is two months of no treatment to give my body a chance to rid itself of all the chemo that has built up. Then in late February I am having a CT scan at St. Bart’s and we will talk about the IPM chemotherapy that Dr. Steele is recommending. It has shown a 30% – 40% reduction in patient’s tumours, so I must give it a go.

I know the disease will beat me eventually but all the time I am able to get about and do fairly normal things I will fight it tooth and nail.

I had a very good Christmas in spite of feeling unwell and am looking forward to another new year that I didn’t expect to see.

I wish all my friends and everyone else a Happy and Healthy new year for 2011.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

December in Frankfurt

Well, that was my ninth visit to the Professor. He says my tumours are more necrotic and that I have more lung capacity. He also says there are no new tumours, so I assume that there have been at other visits.

The Prof has made me an appointment for January but I will not be going then. I have decided if Dr. Jeremy Steele of St. Bart’s hospital agrees, to go on his IPM chemotherapy program. He uses the same chemo drugs as the Prof. Plus one other chemo drug called Irinotecan (Campto) I think I am also considering Mistletoe infusion too. I always have the amazing Prof. as back up if the IPM doesn't work for me, but his treatment is so expensive.,.

I am going to have a couple of months off as I have been having treatments continually for five months, and feel the need to pick up a bit before continuing.

I have just heard of a friend of mine who has just had an operation for lung cancer with pleural plaques. When will it ever end, especially as the Romans knew all those years ago that asbestos kills.

I wish all of my friends, supporters and everyone else in the world a peaceful and healthy Holiday over Christmas and the New Year.

My picture this time is of my beautiful Grandson Joseph on his first ever sledge ride.